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Best Attractions In Dubai

There are a lot of top attractions in Dubai for any traveler. Due to the cityís history, there are historic areas of Dubai as well as modern areas of Dubai. As a tourist, itís important to balance out the attractions to see a little bit of everything while spending time in this emirate. This way some things can be learned about the culture and history as well as seeing some of the magnificent architecture.

Al Ahmadiya School

Built in 1912, the Al Ahmadiya School should be visited. This is the emirateís first school and has been recently restored. Itís free entry and has some exhibits of reed pens and diplomas that can be very interesting. Not too far from there is the Basakiya District, where there are many art galleries to visit and cafes to venture into.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum covers a lot of the social history. There is the al-Fahidi fort as well as the modern extension built below it. A lot of technology went in to providing the history of Dubai here. It shows the growth of the emirate from a poor village to a bustling cosmopolitan city, thanks to the discovery of oil. Admission is very affordable.

Jumeirah Mosque

A must-see in Dubai is also the Jumeirah Mosque. This is the largest mosque in the city and also is a prime example of the beauty of Islamic architecture. It has elaborately decorated interiors with Arabic calligraphy. Itís one of the few mosques open to non-Muslims and there are also tours offered to help those understand Islam a little further.

Burj Khalifa

Within Modern Dubai, there is the Burj Khalifa. This is the worldís tallest structure, standing at 160 floors tall. There is an observation deck at the 124th floor and features hotels, fountains and a mall. The tickets to get to the observation deck are very affordable, however they often sell out days in advance, which means tourists need to plan ahead to take advantage of the view when visiting Dubai

Dubai Marina

Spending time at the Dubai Marina is also popular Ė not only amongst tourists but residents, too. It features a beautiful skyline, hotels, a beach, a mall and two separate walkways. There are a number of restaurants and shops to take advantage of here and, like the name implies, itís right on the water. There are several cruises that will take people out on the water for hours at a time as well.

Artificial islands

When in Dubai, itís also important to take advantage of the Palm Islands. These are the three largest artificial islands in the world and they are just off Dubaiís coast. Itís home to upscale beachfront property, luxury resorts, high-end shopping and beautiful beaches.

Dubai is filled with attractions for singles, couples and families. Itís simply about finding enough time to see everything.
Dubai Shopping

After sunbathing at Dubaiís pristine and serene beaches, itís time to go on an exciting shopping tour.

From 21st century shopping malls and traditional souqs to extravagant festivals and international events, the city
will tempt you to max out your credit cards.

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Visiting Dubai
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