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Dubai Airport:
Dubai International is 4 km to city centre. Distance from Dubai International to other emirates:
Abu Dhabi:170 km
Sharjah: 15 km
Ajman: 30 km
Umm Al Quwain: 55 km
Ras Al Khaimah: 100 km
Fujairah: 130 km
Overview of Dubai City

Today, no one can talk about business and a modern global city without thinking about Dubai. Dubai City might have had its economy built on oil but its main revenues are now from financial services, real estate and tourism. It has attracted world attention after displaying so many innovative and elegant huge construction projects as well as hosting global sports events.

Dubai City is built around the core principles that define free trade, business acumen and sound practice as well as foreign investment. Dubai was declared a free port by Sheikh Maktoum bin Hasher Al Maktoum and all tariffs were hence abolished. This has led to a culmination of success stories across the city in many sectors. Of note is the construction and building boom that has lead to a host of chart breakers, from the tallest apartments, some of the world’s best and most unique resorts, to the biggest malls. There are so many things for an entire family to get involved in everywhere, from enjoying the sun, sports, shopping, and appreciating the colorful culture and history.

For those after fun activities and holiday engagements, Dubai City provides them with unique delights in exquisite shopping, beaches, oases and much more. Its futuristic metropolis boasts sunshine all year around and is thus a playground for anybody after a perfect vacation.

From exploring the skyscrapers and the city’s shiny surfaces, one after the rooted heritage can find old souks or markets and ancient mosques that sell gold jewellery and traditional foods. These offer endless bargain opportunities since the prices are quite competitive.

You can try a unique tea drinking experience with the locals, fantastic unleavened bread right from the ancient bakeries, or just shop for decorative and artistic textiles. Overall, whether you are visiting the Dubai Museum or trying a unique desert safari, you will find out that Dubai City is a place with endless opportunities, business or fun reasons notwithstanding.