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Things To Do In Dubai

There are a lot of things to do in Dubai, partly because of its position within the Arabian Peninsula. The weather is typically warm and dry, which leaves a lot of outdoor things to do. The emirate has expanded in the past decade, making it a primary destination for tourists. As a result, there is more to do here than ever before.

The beaches are some of the most visited areas in Dubai. There are many water sports that take place on the white and sandy beaches. The ocean temperatures range from 22 to 35 degrees Celsius throughout the year, keeping them evenly tempered to enjoy swimming and diving. The water can be very salty, however, so many tourists will often use the hotel swimming pools for swimming. The beaches are commonly used for wind surfing, jet skis and the like.

The desert isnít a far ride from Dubai, so there are many things to do here as well. A desert safari or dune buggies can be an adventure. With many sand dunes to ride over, itís a lot of fun for people of all ages. 4x4s are available for rent and many include lessons for those who are newcomers to dune bashing.

The Dubai Creek also offers a lot of attractions. There are cruises and rides that will allow tourists to take a dinner cruise, a private boat ride and much more down the area. There are a lot of original buildings along the creek as well as flora and fauna that cannot be seen anywhere else throughout the emirate.

Due to Dubai becoming a popular tourist destination, they have added various things to do for couples and families. The Wild Wadi is a theme park with water rides, slides and a lagoon. Families can spend the day there with swimming holes, waterfalls and much more. There are also areas around the city for hot air balloon rides, golf and much more.

The city is divided into several districts, all of which have something unique to do. The marina offers a lot of skyscrapers and shopping malls. Other districts offer commercial and financial hubs, fine dining restaurants and much more. There is literally something for everyone throughout the emirate, which is why tourists are flocking to Dubai now more than ever.

Even in the winter, there are things to do in Dubai. The emirate has become a popular ski destination, offering skiing and snowboarding. Itís an indoor arena located at the mall of the emirates. This makes it easy for people to enjoy some of the snow sports despite the fact that it may be very warm outdoors.

The United Arab Emirates is constantly evolving and the things to do in Dubai are proof of this.

Dubai Shopping

After sunbathing at Dubaiís pristine and serene beaches, itís time to go on an exciting shopping tour.

From 21st century shopping malls and traditional souqs to extravagant festivals and international events, the city
will tempt you to max out your credit cards.

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Visiting Dubai
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