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Dubai is one of the emirates inside of the United Arab Emirates. In relation to the Persian Gulf, it is located in the south east, on the Arabian Peninsula. It has the highest population of all of the emirates at about 1.5 million people. It is also the second largest in terms of land territory, directly behind Abu Dhabi. The emirate dates back to as early as 1095, therefore it has a very rich history.

The city has expanded significantly since oil was discovered in 1966. The city expanded by about 300%, bringing in a variety of interests as well as foreign workers. When the UK left the region in 1971, modern Dubai was created. It was then that Dubai worked with Abu Dhabi and four other emirates to create the UAE.

Dubai today has become a global city and a business hub. While the oil industry helped to build the city, a significant amount of tourism now flows through the region. The culture, however, still revolves around the Islamic religion. Despite the cosmopolitan city, the Islamic influence is still felt throughout the music, the attire, the cuisine and even the lifestyle. There are mosques scattered around the country, allowing Muslims to pray five times a day.

When visiting Dubai, itís also important to note that their weekend is Friday to Saturday, not Saturday to Sunday as is common with the Western world. The reason for this is because of Fridayís holiness to the Muslims.

Some of the major holidays in Dubai include Ramadan as well as National Day. These affect a lot of the tourism that flows into the emirate throughout the year. There are also a lot of other events that can generate more people coming in. This includes the Dubai Shopping Festival as well as Dubai Summer Surprises, which attracts over 4 million visitors every year.

Dubai is divided into many different districts. There are 10 in total, but the most notable ones include Bur Dubai, which is the historical district and Downtown Dubai. There is also Dubai Marina which hosts many of the skyscrapers as well as Satwa, which is the Little India and Little Manila of the emirate.

There are many things to do in and around Dubai, which is why it has become such a center of events. It has a huge financial district, which is labeled Deira. There is a bustling commercialism here that is different than any of the other districts of the emirate. Shopping has also become a huge deal throughout the city.

Dubai has much to offer residents and tourists alike. In the past few years, they have embraced their growing attraction, offering more hotels, restaurants and shopping centers to appease everyone and embrace the tourism revenue.
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